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Aadhaar and PDS in yet another mixup? Prof Sen talks.


Prof Abhijit Sen, member of Planning Commission talks about Aadhaar during a lecture on Food Security in India. Speaking in his personal capacity, he says that the real problem is that a lot of people are being missed out - not that too many people are claiming the benefits, as being claimed by the UIDAI. Hence, the Aadhaar number cannot fix all that is wrong with the system. He goes on to quote Chattisgarh where strict monitoring of food grains movement itself curtails leakages.

Did he miss the fact that Aadhaar number actually aims to bring the "missing people" into the fold (while simultaneously eliminating the bogus cards)?

Did he also miss that the supply-chain doesn't begin with the warehouse and end with the fair-price shop? That end-to-end supply chain monitoring (as indicated by Justice Wadhwa commission) might (un)cover even more leakages?

Or perhaps as Prof Sen says, covering one-part is good enough; and doing more may not be "worth the cost"? What do you think?

Aadhaar can't fix all that ails PDS: Abhijit Sen

Staff Reporter, Feb 11, 2012

‘The argument that too many people are coming forward to claim benefits is flawed'

Aadhaar, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) project, cannot “fix” all that is wrong with the Public Distribution System, Abhijit Sen, member of the Planning Commission, said here on Saturday.

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